Part 4 - Conclusions

    In this site I have stated my own opinions honestly without the fearful restraints that some feel they are bound by. It could be argued that educated Muslims should be ashamed of themselves for supporting Muhammad and his Islam, for it is the responsibility of the individual to thoroughly critique Islam from all available points of view before deciding to support such an unjust and violent ideology. Having supported Muhammad’s Islam and having attempted to convince others to do the same is the only thing in all of my life I am truly ashamed of having done. To remain a Muslim one must ignore all of Islam’s evil commandments and deny the fact that Islam in totality is a violent and unjust religion. Muslims are too fearful to dare to question Islam for real so they lie about it to themselves and others. I know this to be true from experience. Whatever “sublime interpretations” and “cherry-picking of the good stuff” a person chooses to partake in – it is merely wishful thinking and in my opinion a terrible betrayal of their fellow man and self. Islam has been laid bare by writers of far greater talent than my own. Islam is a fraud producing certain collective disaster (and often personal disaster). Islam is the creation of Muhammad’s selfish lies. It is easy to explain that it is a fraud. Muhammad has deceived and betrayed Muslims and they should be disgusted by Islam. Muhammad was an incredibly sick human being and a master deceiver of self and others. To remain Muslim one must partake in deceit.

   With the advent of the internet and the reality of human development, people can no longer be silenced by killing them. As Ali Sina has said: “Despite its bluster, Islam is extremely vulnerable, as darkness is to light. Islam is a tall tower of lies. Islam will be dismantled by the pens of ex-Muslims.” Let’s now join hands and voices and kick the feet out from underneath the sick cult of Muhammad’s Islam and watch it hit the ground and smash. It is time for a grassroots movement. If you care about these issues, stand your ground and let your voice be heard. Those in opposition to Islam are simply speaking the truth for the right reasons. The rule of thumb is – NEVER “support” Islam or its “causes.” Muslims have been misled by Muhammad and they want your sympathy and support to help further their cause. Do not compromise your own integrity and your own concerns. It won’t help them, or you, in the long-run. The best thing that you can do for a Muslim is to creatively enlighten them with the facts about this evil ideology disguised as a religion. The seed of doubt will inevitably bear fruit over time within the honest individual. Islam has deeply damaged the minds of many who call themselves Muslims. Since Muslims are taught that the world is basically their enemy and that only they are pure and true, they typically isolate themselves and often become dangerous due to Islam’s teachings. In truth, Muslims get victimized by Islam – it retards their personal and spiritual development.

   Islam does not abide by the golden rule. Here is a link to an excellent article regarding the golden rule. Islam teaches Muslims that they need not treat non-Muslims as they themselves would like to be treated. Islam demands that you respect Muslims and their wishes but Muslims do not need to respect non-Muslims and their wishes. According to Muhammad, if non-Muslims do not allow Muslims to take whatever they want and do whatever they want, ultimately Muslims are justified in taking whatever they want and doing whatever they want regardless. The Islamic texts and Islamic history are replete with proofs validating my statement. Muslims commonly demand special privileges and rights superior to those of non-Muslims. Canadians are far too accommodating, naïve and apologetic. We need to inform ourselves of these matters and make a strong stand against the many inherent demands of the Islamic religion. And for the sake of future generations, we who know the truth about Islam must help insure that our Federal and Provincial Governments never allow Sharia law to be implemented anywhere, ever, within our borders. If Muslims what to live in Canada they need to abide by Canadian law, period. If they are not willing to do so they should be put on the first available airplane and be sent back to the “Islamic paradises” from which they escaped and let the rest of us work out our disagreements and problems peacefully over time through sane conflict resolution.

To quote the great scholar and critic of Islam Robert Spencer:

     The struggle against the global Jihad and Islamic Supremacism is not a racial issue. It is not “racist” to oppose a violent and supremacist doctrine and ideology that would institutionalize discrimination against women and non-believers, and extinguish the freedom of speech and the freedom of conscience.

   Having been a Muslim myself and learned the raw views of the Muslim perspective from the inside, I know for certain that Western nations and their citizens need to become fully aware of the very real threats posed by the Islamic religion. I have intentionally understated much of this site so as not to scare the reader off. For example, some of the discussions that I have had with radical young Middle Eastern and Pakistani men in particular are truly disturbing. There are many such people and they have been completely indoctrinated by Islam. They have effectively shut themselves off from further consideration or opposing points of view. They will not change their closed minds or put an end to their blinding, selfish arrogance and ignorance. The spread of Islam and the implementation of Sharia law is their sole purpose in life and the means with which they are willing to achieve these disastrous ends are insane. These people are the products of Muhammadanism.

   A Muslim’s allegiance must be to Islam. Not country. Not even family (Qur'an, 9:23: Believers, do not befriend your fathers or your brothers if they choose unbelief in preference to faith. Wrongdoers are those that befriend them). This is the Islam taught by Muhammad. Islam has been tried several hundred different ways over its roughly fourteen hundred year old history by many good and well-meaning people. None have stood the test of time. All eventually fall by the way side to make way for the real Islam – fundamentalist, militant Islam. There is no school or sect of orthodox Islam that does not include Sharia law. Non-orthodox Islam is heretical because the Qur'an must be considered the immutable, literal words of God by those who claim Islam as their religion. And Muhammad must be considered the perfect man and his behaviour and words emulated and obeyed. Tragically, the Sunni Wahhabism of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda are the real Islam taught and lived by Muhammad and his immediate successors.

To quote Robert Spencer once more:

     There is no mainstream Islamic sect or school of Islamic jurisprudence that teaches that Muslim’s must coexist with non-Muslims as equals on an indefinite basis without trying to subjugate them under Sharia.

   These are the facts. These statements are accurate. This is why it is so important that “moderate Muslims” put an end to this farce.  

   Islam is an aggressively expansive, proselytizing religion. Muhammad claimed that God insists that Islam reign over all of humanity (Qur'an, 2:193, among many other passages). Islamic theology demands that all those who refuse to convert to Islam must live as Dhimmi subjects in the Islamic state and as such accept inferior legal rights and social humiliation. Upon researching the term Dhimmitude, non-Muslims are rightly appalled. According to Muhammad’s Islam, it is the obligation of Muslims to bring all of humanity either into the Ummah (the community of Muslim believers), or subjugate all those who refuse to join the Ummah.

   In Islam, essentially humanity is split into two separate groups: Dar al-Islam (the house of Islam), and Dar al-harb (the house of war). Muslims are to believe that the lands and peoples of Dar al-harb are in a state of rebellion against the will of Allah and must be made to submit to Islamic rule (forcefully through violent warfare if need be). Tragically it is estimated that up to 30 percent of the world’s approximate 1.4 billion Muslims are willing to act upon Islam’s violent dictates. Do the math. This is the main reason for the resurgence of the Islamic Jihad in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and elsewhere.

   The vast majority of Muslims worldwide are under-developed individuals living in various states of ignorance. Abnormally high rates of illiteracy, recklessly high birth rates, and general backwardness amongst these Muslims forecast a fierce storm brewing on the horizon. So-called moderate Muslims have no idea what they have gotten themselves into and committed themselves to. And a truly dark aspect of this business is the fact that there are Muslim “community leaders” who are out-right lying to themselves and others, foolishly striving to acquire Muhammad’s promised paradise and avoid the hell he threatened them with – what pathetic, deluded, weak-minded weak-souled sell-outs. I know for certain that any person who claims to “really believe in Islam” is either lying, has yet to be exposed to the objective truth about the “religion,” or they are still under the sway of this cult and its leader.

   Islamists hate the fact that we apostates of Islam are able to reveal these truths. The general denial of “Muslim peoples” is incredible – it is absolutely absurd, in fact. Millions of Muslims will soon be experiencing a serious personal crisis of the most intimate kind. Many Muslims are now becoming aware of the fact that the whole story Muhammad spun around himself are the lies of a truly deranged and despicable man. Muslims will eventually have to face the fact that they have entrusted their lives and the lives of their family and friends to a person who has deceived and betrayed them. Unfortunately, there are many Muslims who will never find the courage and integrity within themselves to pull out of it. They are lost to the “brilliant lies” of Muhammad’s mesmerizing cult of fear and death, and they will fall on the wrong side of humanity.

   These facts are very hard to digest for those who have committed so very much to the cause of Muhammad’s Islam. Most Muslims are unwilling to even consider these obvious truths. In reality… there are no Muslims. Muhammad himself was not a Muslim. Muhammad suffered from severe mental illness – narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) to be precise. He was so sick that he believed in his own lies and was therefore able to make others believe in them so convincingly. Islam is Muhammad’s fraud. Muhammad made up the term Islam in his own twisted mind and soul, and through fear, manipulation and his charismatic cult of personality, indoctrinated people with his primitive, absurd story about who God is and what God does and wants. To be blunt: Muslims are Muslims because they fear hellfire and desire the goodies waiting in paradise that Muhammad promised those who would believe and serve him in getting what it is that he wanted. Not only is it a crime punishable by death in Islamic nations to speak ill of and leave Islam, Muslim families and the Muslim community typically enforce their own – “informal justice.” Therefore it is very hard for many Muslims to leave Islam short of physically running away to other lands, as many brave and wise individuals have had to do over the centuries.

   Muhammad has made a mockery of what should be considered sacred. If Muslims would only turn and face these obvious facts they would have the opportunity to find what it is that they want and humanity may be able to survive the tumultuous next 100 years. It is likely that there will to be a massive flood of honourable ex-Muslims coming on-line soon to help us get through this crisis. These enlightened young men and women will soon lose their fear of Muhammad’s lies. They are no dummies; they are not willing to waste their lives for a man who has betrayed them.

   Islam is an inhumane religion. Muhammad made it clear that once a person has been exposed to Islam a person must believe it wholly or they are to be considered scum of the earth failures. To be “one of the Muslims,” a person must believe that Muslims are the only people on earth who “have it right and that all non-Muslims have it wrong.” It does not take a genius to understand that this is a dangerous and an intellectually infantile view for a human being to hold, to say the least. Muhammad also made it clear that those who deny Islam’s claims and refuse to accommodate Islam’s demands are to be considered the enemies of the Muslims. What do you think? Do you yourself respect Muhammad and his Islam and take sides with the Muslims? Would you entrust Muhammad with YOUR life and the life of YOUR kids? In truth, Islam is nothing more than an elaborate fraud perpetrated on mankind by Muhammad. Obviously, Muslims should discard Muhammad’s perverse cult, reclaim their lives, and join humanity in solidarity against it. To be sure there are many complex challenges facing humanity. History will judge that Islam was the worst enemy of them all to have ever plagued the long-term well-being and development of humanity and its individuals.

   These writings are intended to be but a brief summary of this vast subject matter. There are many other topics related to Islam that I will be addressing at a later date on this site. As stated earlier, there are many excellent resources available for study of these matters. I write articles and post comments on various sites under the pen name Saleem Smith. For now I will not use my real name because many Muslims consider it a great honour bestowing great rewards to kill folks like me. I am an accomplished writer and musician and will probably release my identity and work on this site at a later date. I am regular man of average talents which I try to make the most of. I have paid for this site with my own money and have not made a dime in profit. Most Canadians are honest, hard-working people of good will and regardless of their own beliefs will understand that what I have said on this site is true. Islamists and their “useful idiot” apologists (typically dangerously naïve leftists) search through writings (such as this one) looking for minor flaws in order to discredit the piece in its entirety. Pathetic. It is always sad to see people fail themselves.

   Though initially these writings understandably anger and upset Muslims, we who tell such truths and speak in facts are in reality the best friends of “the Muslims.” Muslims need to stare down their fears of what Muhammad said and live their own lives. I have studied the works of the Islamic scholars, mystics, and poets. I have spent time with Muslims from nearly all walks of life – including imams, doctors, lawyers, tradesmen, cooks and labourers. The conclusion that I have reached is this: Muhammad was a sick liar whose Islam is a terribly harmful fraud. You cannot polish a turd no matter how hard or long you work away at it. A turd is a turd and turds need to be flushed down the toilet. I went through hell and high water with this Islamic nonsense and I do not want to see anybody have to do the same. I created this site because I care. There are many other things that I would rather have been doing with my time. Muhammad was a pathetic failure and I piss on his reputation and legacy. Feel free to e-mail me at E-mails may or may not be responded to. E-mails may or may not be posted on this site. I wish you well in the real sense of the word.

  Here is a link to the recent testimony of an articulate ex-Muslim that you may find of interest.

   Here is a paraphrased quote from talented writer Dr. Radhasyam Brahmachari’s recent article that I find very illuminating and to the point:

     Enlightened people have started to think deeply about the role that Islam, a cult of hatred and violence, is playing in the world today. Most of them believe that the slavery of Arab religious imperialism in the form of Islam is the root cause for the backwardness amongst Muslim’s globally…

   Here is a link to great article of Dr. Brahmachari’s found on M.A. Khan’s exceptionally informative website, Islam Watch, entitled – Muslims, A Shackled People Enslaved by the Qur'an. Be sure to check out M.A. Khan’s top-quality new book – Islamic Jihad, A legacy of forced conversion and slavery.

   Here are some links to videos of a few of my heroes:

   Some historical quotes of interest:

"Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralysis the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Muhammadanism is a militant and proselytizing faith." - Sir Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister)

"Among religions, Bolshevism is to be reckoned with Muhammadanism rather than with Christianity and Buddhism, Christianity and Buddhism are primarily personal religions, with mystical doctrines and a love of contemplation. Muhammadanism and Bolshevism are practical, social, unspiritual (doctrines), concerned to win the empire of this world." - Professor Bertrand Russell (Philosopher)

"I studied the Kuran a great deal ... I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammed" - Alexis De Tocqville (French Thinker/Historian)

"Muslims are the first victims of Islam. Many times I have observed in my travels that fanaticism comes from a small number of dangerous men who maintain others in the practice of this religion by terror. To liberate the Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him". - Earnest Renan (French Thinker)

"The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within." - Will Durant (U.S. Historian)

"Muhammadanism fell far short. In this case the projections were of violence predominating. Love and kinship were secondary to what indeed amounted to baptism and communion through violence and blood...

...So the concept of God began to change as the ego recognized its reliance upon inner reality, but the drama had to be worked out within the current framework. Muhammadanism was basically so violent precisely because Christianity was basically so gentle. Not that Christianity was not mixed with violence, or that Muhammadanism was devoid of love. But the psyche went through its developments and battled with itself, denying some feelings and characteristics and stressing others, so the historic religious exterior dramas represented and followed these inner aspirations, struggles, and searches."
- Jane Roberts, Seth (20th Century Spiritualism)

“Having thus given a cursory view of the Qur'an, I lay it before the sensible persons with the purpose that they should know what kind of book the Qur'an is.  If they ask me, I have no hesitation to say that it can not be the work either of God or of a learned man, nor can it be a book of knowledge. Here its very vital defect has been exposed with the object that the people may not waste their life falling into its imposition

... The Qur'an is the result of ignorance, the source of animalization of human being, a fruitful cause of destroying peace, an incentive to war, a propagator of hostility among men and a promoter of suffering in society. As to defect of repetition, the Qur'an is its store.”

- Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati (19th Century Indian Sage and Rational Reformer)

"Over a billion people believe in Allah without truly knowing what Allah supposedly stands for or what he really demands of them. And the minority that do understand continue to be Moslems because they have redefined their morality and ethics to fit within the teachings of Islam, which are floridly lacking in morality. They therefore redefine what is good and evil in order to fit their lives into what is preached by Islam, instead of examining Islam to see if it fits within the good life. Backwards thinking, imposed by a backward religion". - Professor Bertrand Russell

"How dreadful are the curses which Muhammadanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Muhammadan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property - either as a child, a wife, or a concubine - must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men." - Sir Winston Churchill

"Show me just what Prophet Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." - Pope Benedict/Byzantine Emperor Paleogus

“If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” - George Orwell

"He who dares not offend cannot be honest." - Thomas Paine

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
Albert Einstein

"Bad ideas must be fought at their origins - and at every moment thereafter." - Heather McDonald

"The first man to raise a fist is the man who's run out of ideas." - H.G. Wells


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